Localinteg would like to help immigrants having a successful integration from all aspects. In order to clarify who is Localinteg and what it has for the world, lets have an introduction regarding the process of the immigration.

Immigration and integration

We live in a globalized world where we have access to a lot of information regarding countries around the world. We can order a food right now from a restaurant which is located in a city which is thousands of kilometers away from us. Isn’t that great?

There is an increase in the number of people choosing to live as an immigrant. Since, improvement in the transport, internet access, social media and access to detailed information of the host country let us to pack our stuff and endeavor to find a better place to live.

There are about three percent of immigrants around the world. They have chosen to be migrant due to different reasons such as seeking asylum, education, finding a better place to live and study.

We are human and have complicated feelings about our surroundings. We detect a lot of data from the time we are born.

We first learn how to walk, how to talk and how to survive as a baby and as a toddler. Then we start to learn to communicate and to grasp interpersonal skills. These skills together with other information from surroundings will create the perceived culture of the place that we live. This usually happens more intensively when we are at ages between 12 years old and 25 years.  

If a person can migrate to a new place before being 25 years old he/she may feel new place as his/her main homeland. But you may feel that you are a foreigner at your new home if you are moving to a new city or a new country after being 25 years old. Since your brain is wired in this way.

There are three main faces of integration for a migrant, identity integration, economic integration and social integration. Identity integration can also be considered as cultural integration.

According to Park and Burgeren, integration is “a process of interpenetration and fusion in which persons and groups acquire the memories, sentiments, and attitudes of other persons and groups and, by sharing their experience and history, are incorporated with them in a common cultural life.”

Different theories of integration process

There are different theories of integration process that propose different trajectories for immigrants. Detailing the process is out of the scope of this article. However, it should be noted that we believe that immigration can result in successful social integration by available information about the host country, attempts of the migrants in learning host culture and norms, and positive attitude of local people of the host country towards immigration. Therefore, an immigrant is not essentially the only player of the integration process, but other factors may play decisive roles in this process.

The main indicator of social integration would be your network with the local people. So, if you are a migrant, you should have a thought plan for building a new network of local people if you would like to have a soft social integration. You need to learn about the host community culture to have a better identity integration and you need to have economical independence by finding job or establishing a business. 

Who is Localinteg?

Localinteg team is a group of dedicated people with the aim to leave a better world behind. They would like to play a positive role by making people feeling relaxed, happy, involved and belonged to their new home.

How Localinteg would do that?

Localinteg is here to help immigrants in having some information of local cultural practices, networking methods, job market structure, local language and having a welcoming attitude towards the host community culture, its climate, its language and overall to a new life.

Localinteg would help an immigrant to learn useful information about the host community and about other immigrants from similar backgrounds. Localinteg would work on creating organized groups of immigrants that would be placed in organized activities and online forums to feel home much fast.

Anything is lacking? Join us

Localinteg would be very welcoming to all people who would like to play a role in this process. So, please contact us and help us in building a better world.

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